I put in a credit app with no real interest on purchasing that day. I was more so just inquiring and I wasn't really expecting to walk out with a vehicle but I did. And thanks to Terrell and Chris I was in and out quickly and they went above and beyond to ensure I was satisfied with my purchase. I will definitely be returning and recommending others. 
Kelli D.
From my car being repossessed at 3am to walking into the dealership at 1230pm the same day looked at 2 cars and was able to walk out with the one I wanted They made this whole process smooth and I will forever be grateful. I hope no one ever has to go through what I've gone through but if they do this is the place to be to get back in a car.
Felicity M.
When I saw the ad pop up on my phone I was like old man another one of those I said okay I'm going to try this because I'm tired of catching a bus and a train to work I got a phone call from Ms. Jackie she made me feel a lot comfortable then what I thought I would feel she said that she would do everything she can to work with me and help me out get into a vehicle a week later right now and I have a 2017 Kia optima looks good drives good I want to think the company Halls automotive I want to take Miss Jackie personally I appreciate all your help everything you've done for me at one point I was like why do I want to do this but she made me feel comfortable she called me several times to check and see where my status was you know I recommend this to anybody and everybody because at the end of the day I left with a car thank you again Miss Jackie.
Frank S.
Wow where do I begin. Let's just say I received a call after showing interest in finding a new vehicle. Was directed in speaking with a lady named Jackie Marrow. When I say I truly was in doubt of thinking I would be approved due to numerous of places telling me no behind my credit score and a few more other issues. Mrs Jackie was able to get me approved by a lender and managed to find the "Right" saleswoman to treat my personal needs. 

When I tell you all I really had no expectations of being able to get a car I mean it people. She made it possible opened up new doors and gave me a new outlook on certain situations. This isn't my first gallop around the track when it come to cars but to see how passionate Mrs. Jackie was had me sold in itself. It was deeper than just finding a car I truly came across someone who actually gives a hell about helping people with so much going on worldwide. 

She gave me "Family Vibes" and was so understanding. I couldn't thank her enough if I tried and no money can repay what she's done for me and how she turned my outlook on life around period. I feel as tho she gave me a new start new chance at life. I'm able to now have reliable transportation which opens up so many doors as we all know. Thank You so much #AuntieJackie
Robert S.
The staff was very helpful and courteous.
Willie H.
Was not expecting anything special to happen when I applied and to my surprise within an hour of applying I received a call. I was at a dealer and picking out a car that same night. Very enjoyable experience and would definitely recommend them especially if you have less than ideal credit. I never thought I'd be driving in a new car again. 
Tyler V.
Our experience with Hall was beyond amazing!! I've always been nervous about making big purchases but the team at Hall Auto made me feel at ease. Special Thanks to Jacqueline Marrow in finance and to Shane Woolard and Kevin Conley in sales. You guys are awesome!!! 
Sylvless S.
For me this was really a breathe of fresh air and the transparency during this process was great. I really enjoyed working with everyone. They all were fully committed to making sure I could leave out of there with something within my budget. 
Brittney G.
This company is great!! Super friendly and always doing the most to help you reach your goal!
Nina N.
Yesterday I woke up never thinking I'd be spending my afternoon at Hall Honda with Chris Toman and team buying a Honda. In fact, if someone told me my next car would be a Honda, I would have told them they are crazy and don't know what they're talking about. 

For the last couple weeks I've spent countless hours visiting different car lots, researching cars for sale online, speaking to sales reps over the phone just to be denied the car loan I want. Their offers were turned down because they simply were not what I wanted. Yesterday morning I was on my phone, looking at used cars on line for the hundredth time and a pop up box appeared. The pop-up box was basically asking me if I was tired of dealing with what I have been dealing with all week when it comes to buying a car. Of course that grab my attention so I clicked on it and proceeded to fill out the form as I was being told that by filling out the form I would be connected with a local dealership that could get me approved for a car loan. Of course I didn't believe it because I have been trying to get a car loan all week and was not able to secure one or at least secure one that I agreed to the terms. 

Then I received a text message and phone call from a young lady by the name of Stephanie Rhodes who was super supportive and super friendly. Stephanie gathered some information from me and got me an appointment with Hall Honda for same day. I ended up being late to my appointment because my current car finally died on me as I anticipated it was going to do. 

When I arrived at almost 4 PM at Hall Honda everyone was very kind and very generous and very concerned about my situation and wanted to help. Chris Toman was my sales rep and Chris was phenomenal at listening to my needs and wants and making sure that I got in the car of my dream under terms that best fit me and my situation. I've bought a lot of cars in my life and I have to say that it was the quickest most painless experience I've ever experienced! I'd like to thank Hall Honda, Chris, Stephanie and everyone else for being so kind to me and making my car buying experience easy, pain-free, and most importantly specific to my wants and needs. I am now a Hall customer for life! 
Lisa C.


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